Consular Outreach Announcement

Booking for June 19-21 Consular Outreach is now closed. Please call back in July for our August schedule. Thank you so much. Call our office at 206 722 9372 M-F 10-4pm. We are experiencing large number of phone calls , thank you for your patience.

Online booking is available now. Please click on this link.

9 thoughts on “Consular Outreach Announcement

  1. Hi my name is Maria. I would like to make an appointment for dual citizenship for my husband and renewal of passport for my brother on your next Consular Outreach. Please email me for details. Thank you.

    1. Please call the office from M-F 10-4 for appointment. Please check the consulate website for all the requirements, Thank you

  2. Hi , I am Interested to make appointment for passport renewal, the automated answering machine says I can book an appointment online unfortunately I couldn’t find it inthis site… Please help. Thanks.

  3. On the voice mail you indicate the appointment can be booked online, where is this done? I couldn’t find it on this site or on your facebook page like the voice mail indicated. I’ll go ahead and call in to make the appointment, but if there is a link that would be greatly appreciated.

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