FA Kalahi Dance Company will perform at the Nov 2, 78th Gala

KALAHI Philippine Dance Company – a Filipino American folk dance group for children and adults. This group is under the FCS’ Family Academy program which promotes family participation and involvement in education, culture, and arts. It empowers our families and students to be proactive in community and school affairs.

Tonight’s performance is from the Maranao people of Lake Lanao in Mindanao – the second largest island of the Philippine Archipelago. We start with the kids performing Kapa Malong Malong which shows the many ways of wearing a malong, a simple tubular yet hightly functional piece of cloth. This dance will be followed by Singkil (or Sayaw sa Kasingkil) – a popular dance performed during celebrations and other festive entertainment.

Learn more of our Philippine language, culture, songs, dances and other activities. Please check out our Filipino Community of Seattle website at www.fcseattle.org for more services and activities for everyone.

Dance practice on Saturdays from 10 AM to noon here in our FCS building.

Contact us at kalahi.seattle@hotmail.com